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Your Attention is Valuable
January 2019

Jan 28, 2019 | Business Owners | Families | Featured | Retirees | Today's Professionals

      Your attention (attentiveness) is valuable. What you choose to focus your attention on plays a large role in shaping your reality. When you focus on information related to the financial world it should be sorted into two categories, information that may have a long-term impact and stuff that matters less and less over time. There is so much information readily available not to mention information that is actively pushed into your view. It’s vital to be intentional about what you read, listen to, and view. Consider how relevant information will remain over time as well as the objective of the source. Is the source looking to impartially educate you? Do they have an agenda? Or are they simply looking to entertain?
     Quarterly earnings are important, but their relevance declines over time and expires with a long enough time horizon. Economic and market news is often intended to entertain and attract viewers (sell advertising) rather than provide relevant information. You want information that can improve your ability to navigate your financial life. A good rule of thumb: Read more books and fewer articles. It’s not that articles are bad. But books tend to be about timeless principles; articles tend to be newsier. By reading more books, and more thoroughly understanding important principles, you will more effectively recognize what news is relevant and worth your attention