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Retirement Planning

Do you daydream of a time when you don’t have to go to work every day? Are you worried that if you stop taking a paycheck you will not be able to sustain your lifestyle? Do you have concerns about the cost of medical care in retirement? Through our planning process, we work with clients to define their vision for their remaining decades, determine the resources required to achieve that vision, and help clients get comfortable with the idea of not receiving a steady paycheck. We factor in how Social Security’s solvency, increasing medical costs, and any changes in spending would impact the projected financial sustainability of an individual’s intended path.

Client Story

Patricia is a 62-year-old executive who truly enjoys her work. She understands, however, that she will not be able to continue her current pace indefinitely. She would like to travel while she still has the energy and also help her grandchildren with educational costs. Patricia has been working so hard for so long that she hasn’t stopped to consider whether she will be able to retire with the resources she has: a small pension, retirement savings, and Social Security. We worked with Patricia to define her goals for retirement. We then helped her devise an earning and spending plan that allows her to enjoy her lifestyle and share what she has accumulated with her children and grandchildren.*

*The above client story involves a current or former Pathway Client.  Personal details, including names, have been modified to protect client confidentiality.