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Personal CFO

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a financial expert in the family? One that could help you navigate the everyday financial maze of life? Helping you to understand and optimize various financial situations is central to our role. Should you pay cash or finance your next car, might you be eligible for college financial aid, what health insurance plan is best for you, how can you maximize the value of your business? These are all areas where we can help. Our extensive knowledge of your financial situation coupled with our financial expertise affords us the unique opportunity to give you the perspective and advice you need to avoid financial potholes and capture opportunities.

A Client Story:

Kim and Colin are both high-earning professionals. While both are very talented in their own professions, neither has much comfort with financial matters. Over the course of our relationship together, we have helped Kim and Colin: consider employment opportunities and negotiate terms with their employers, determine the best method to fund support for Colin’s elderly mother, consider how to pay for a major home addition, find a new tax preparer when theirs retired, evaluate a potential ex-pat employment opportunity, exit a poor-performing whole life insurance policy they purchased before hiring us, evaluate the purchase of a rental property, all in addition to the advice we provide in the more traditional areas of financial planning.*

*The above client story involves a current or former Pathway Client.  Personal details, including names, have been modified to protect client confidentiality.