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Investment Management

Our initial financial planning work will illuminate the role your investments play in your life. For many, investments need to be drawn upon to cover living expenses, charitable giving, or other expenditures. For others, there is little or no current need to draw upon their investments and their focus is on future growth. In many cases, the role will change over time. Together, we start the investment management process by developing a Portfolio Mission. Reflective of your financial plan, the Portfolio Mission will articulate what it is that your investments need to do for you in furtherance of your goals.

When you choose Pathway, you choose a committed financial partner.

Total Portfolio Customization

We follow a disciplined, valuation-centric process of portfolio construction that positions your investments in a manner that is specific to you and your financial plan. Your customized investment strategy will be based on the principles of global diversification, low cost, and tax efficiency. Our dedicated Investment Manager will work in tandem with your Pathway team to develop, monitor, and update your portfolio. Your investment portfolio will likely be constructed with a combination of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and other appropriate investment vehicles. We are not dogmatic about any particular investment formula or strategy. Finding the best investment mix for you, with the lowest amount of risk and expense, is our primary objective. As fee-only practitioners, we invest where our analysis leads us without the product-based conflict of interest that is so prevalent in this industry.

A Client Story:

David and Sarah first came to us a couple of years before their planned retirement. David had a successful career as a sales executive and Sarah was a teacher. Over the years they had assembled a collection of various types of accounts at a number of financial institutions. Being near-retirees, they knew they needed someone to help them understand their entire picture, but they were leery of getting more of the same conflicted product-based advice they had encountered before. Another client of our firm introduced David and Sarah to us, and we embarked on developing an integrated financial plan. Included was a strategy to organize all of the various accounts David and Sarah had collected and get them invested in a way that met their income and growth objectives. Their investment strategy was formed to fully consider Sarah’s pension from teaching and to also coordinate with the Social Security benefit start dates we had recommended for them.*

*The above client story involves a current or former Pathway Client.  Personal details, including names, have been modified to protect client confidentiality.