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Financial Services

Our Philosophy

How do you define success? Is it achieving financial independence? Putting your children through college debt-free? Ensuring that you don’t become a financial burden on others? Building a business that will provide fulfillment and enduring financial security for your family? Devoting your life to your vocation?

Establishing a financial plan that evolves with you can significantly enhance your ability to achieve success, however you define it. Attaining success requires more than just good intentions; it requires you to be intentional in its pursuit. As your guide through the maze of life, we help you continually define objectives and execute actions that move you toward your desired outcomes. You make promises to yourself and those around you; we help you keep them.

Our Process

Financial planning is a data-driven process that must be customized to each situation. We start all client relationships by asking a lot of questions and gathering important information. Having a complete picture of your situation allows us to optimize your strategies and mitigate the impact of unanticipated hurdles or surprises. In our initial meetings together, we collect data, identify milestones, and ultimately uncover your definition of success. We then build a detailed and customized financial plan covering the major areas of financial planning. From there, managing the execution and updating your plan is a continuous process.

Our Fees

As a fee-only firm, our only source of revenue comes from fees charged to clients on a fully transparent basis. As our client, you can choose from one of three billing models, whichever works best for you.

  • Asset Management Based Fee – this is a quarterly fee that is based on the total of the assets that we manage for you. The fee changes quarterly as the value of your invested assets change. If the value of your invested assets goes down in any given quarter, your fee goes down. If the value of your invested assets goes up in any given quarter, your fee increases.

  • Flat Fee - we quote you an annual fee for our service, charged quarterly. The fee is inflation adjusted, and reviewed every few years. It does not change based on the value of your assets.

  • Hourly Fee – for those needing financial advice that is episodic in nature, without the need for on-going advice, we offer an hourly fee service. This could be for the development of a financial plan, assistance in navigating a milestone, or getting a second opinion on your current planning work. Note that on-going investment management is not available in the hourly model.

We can cover your fee options in more detail at an introductory meeting. More information can also be found on our disclosure document.